Answers To 5 Facebook Frequently Asked Questions

December 14, 2014

Facebook Frequently Asked Questions

I get many questions about Facebook. It’s the most used platform within the organization I work for. I’ve compiled the five most frequent questions I get asked about Facebook on a daily basis. This is a great read if you’re new to Facebook Pages or have had limited experience using the popular social networking platform.

1. How often should I post content on my page?

This question can vary because every audience is different. Some research has shown twice per day is an optimum frequency for Facebook posts. I don’t necessarily disagree. I’ve seen the two-post-per-day rule work for Facebook pages of varying sizes. That doesn’t mean it works for every page nor is it the best strategy. The answer is do your own research. No two Facebook communities are the same. Here is a great blog post from Andrea Vahl teaching how to use Facebook Insights to find the answer that is right for you.

2. Why are my Facebook Page images blurry or pixelated when I post them?

Facebook is constantly changing, much to the dismay of social media managers. This means the dimensions your visuals should be are also changing. There are many great resources that people keep up to date on the latest sizing dimensions. Here is a resource that you should bookmark now and refer to when you notice changes in how your images look on Facebook.

3. Should I respond to comments people leave on my posts or wall?

Yes. In case you didn’t catch it the first time– yes. Social media is a conversation and no one likes to talk to a brick wall. If you receive questions or comments on Facebook you should respond in a timely fashion. Don’t ignore people. Over half of Facebook users expect a response within 24 hours or less per 2012 research done by Oracle.

Facebook Comment Response

4. How do I get more “Likes” on my Facebook page?

There are multiple ways to get more likes, but there is always one consistent theme. Post. Great. Content. People will follow pages that post interesting content. If you have a budget to spend on social media consider using Facebook Ads to specifically target your audience. Yes, Facebook ads do work for building awareness and page likes. Don’t take out worldwide Facebook Ads as they’re prone to spam accounts eating through your budget.

Another easy to increase awareness is by putting a link in your email signature. If you have a company get your employees to also include a link to your Facebook page in their e-mail signature. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Important tip: Don’t, under any circumstance, ever, ever, ever purchase Facebook likes for your page. I could write an entire post why it’s the worst possible thing you could do. Just don’t do it– ever.

Facebook Page Like Ad

5. How do I get a Facebook username for my page?

All you need to do is head over to and select your page from the dropdown menu. You’ll then be able to enter a username and check its availability. Keep in mind the username you select will have a significant impact on SEO. You should select a username that is short, memorable and easy to spell. Preferably the same as your Facebook page title, if possible.

Remember that you can only change your Facebook username once after you initially set it up. Once you’ve used your “Change Username” function once you’re stuck with that username for good. Choose wisely.

Facebook Username

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